Monday 24th April, Film4, 9pm

Prepare your brain for convoluted yet compelling time travel paradoxes in this incredible sci-fi thriller starring Ethan Hawke as a temporal agent hunting through the decades for a terrorist.

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Tuesday 25th April, Film4, 10.50pm

Robert Pattinson stars in the premiere of this James Dean biopic, playing to perfection the magazine photographer who befriended the rising Hollywood star before he became a world-famous icon.

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The Lincoln Lawyer

Wednesday 26th April, More4, 9pm

Said by some to be the beginning of the McConaissance (the return to form of Matthew McConaughey), this crime thriller tells the story of a small-time lawyer out of his depth representing a rich kid.

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Friday 28th April, Film4, 9pm

Buckle up for high speed action as a madman wires a bus to blow if it falls below 50mph. Snappy dialogue and great chemistry between Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock makes this one of our favourites.

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Friday 28th April, ITV4, 11pm

Debuting Tim Burton’s quirky visual style, this 1988 comedy watches in horror as a recently deceased couple’s house is ‘upgraded’ by its new owners – until bio-exorcist Beetlejuice steps in.

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Safe House

Saturday 29th April, E4, 9pm

Join Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds in this action thriller, in which a seasoned CIA agent appears to go rogue and it’s up to an idealistic rookie to protect him and uncover the truth.

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Saturday 29th April, Channel 4 HD, 9pm

Ambivalent about her boyfriend, a simple shop girl falls hard for the elegant Carol, but in 1950s New York, their love could cost Carol her daughter. Cate Blanchett stars in this sweeping romance.

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Mrs Doubtfire

Sunday 30th April, Film4, 6.35pm

In the second of our Robin Williams picks this weekend, a divorced down-on-his-luck actor does the most logical thing – dress in drag and get hired as his children’s nanny. All is well – at first…

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Sunday 30th April, BBC Two HD, 11pm

This speedy crime drama sees Ryan Gosling as a mechanic and driver to the stars by day, and a getaway driver by night, until his attractive neighbour gets him on the wrong side of the local criminals.

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